The Meriwether County Fire Rescue Department is responsible for the protection of the lives and property of the citizens of Meriwether County and employs the public safety concept in fulfilling this responsibility. The public safety concept is the consolidation of Emergency Medical Services and Fire Protection Services with the Fire Chief responsible for both entities, with assistance from an EMS Chief. The public safety concept aids in the cross training of duties for our paid employees and our some 180 selfless volunteer firefighters crewing 4 fulltime stations and 10 volunteer stations throughout the county.

Alfonse "Fonz"  Pynenburg, Fire Rescue Services Chief 
59 Hill Haven Road
Greenville, GA 30222
706-672-1211 Main
706-672-6641 Direct Ofc


Keith Braddy, EMS Chief
59 Hill Haven Rd
Greenville, GA  30222
706-672-1211 Main
706-672-6642 Direct Ofc



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